Celebrating Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

If you love cooler temperatures and autumn hues, October is a perfect time to celebrate life. It’s also the month rescue organizations and shelters promote Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. The initiative celebrates the lives of shelter dogs by helping unite them with their forever homes. 

Although any time of the year is a great time to adopt a dog, October is dedicated to activities promoting awareness about the number of dogs at shelters nationwide. It also highlights the benefits of pet ownership and why adopting a pet from a shelter is often a better option. 

If you’ve been searching for a loyal canine companion, this October is the perfect opportunity to welcome a dog into your home. Or, if you prefer, you can simply support the cause in other essential ways. Here are a few helpful suggestions for this feel-good month.


What is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month?

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) started promoting this month-long initiative in 1981 to encourage greater adoption of the rising dog population at pet shelters. Adopt a Dog Month, championed by the American Humane Society, is also celebrated in October. 

Although both primarily advocate for pet adoption during this time, they highlight other ways to assist these vulnerable animals.


Why Is It Better to Adopt a Pet from a Shelter?

Dog owners experience better health, more exercise, less stress, and greater happiness. The calming effect of dogs can even help protect their owners from heart disease

It’s enough to make buying a cute puppy at the store a tempting proposition. However, it’s not the only way to enjoy the benefits of pet ownership. Why not consider adopting a shelter dog instead? 

Here are a few reasons to adopt a shelter dog.

You’re Saving a Life

Rescue organizations work tirelessly to find forever homes for the animals in their care. Unfortunately, over a million animals are still euthanized every year. You’re giving a dog a second chance at a beautiful life beyond the walls of a pet shelter.

You not only save the life of the dog you adopt; you help make room for another that’s in need. By adopting from a shelter or rescue, that leaves an open spot for another to take its place. Your act enhances at least three lives — your new pet’s, another helpless animal needing refuge, and your own. 

You’re Fighting Against Puppy Mills & Breeders

There’s a great chance that a puppy purchased at a pet store is a product of a breeding facility. These animals are often treated inhumanely. They're confined in small spaces and lack critical veterinary care. Use Pet Adoption Month to stand up against puppy mills and breeders by adopting from a shelter.

Your Pet Has Received Great Care 

There are specific facts about dogs in shelters that make adoption the best choice. They receive excellent medical care, including vaccinations. They’re also usually spayed or neutered and microchipped before being adopted. You save a life and are most often spared from any unexpected medical issues that often occur with dogs bred at puppy mills.

Adopt a Shelter Dog

If you’re planning to expand your family during National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, you should know a few things. 

How long does it take to adopt a dog from a shelter? You might be eager to welcome your new addition, but adoption could take between six days to two weeks. It all depends on the shelter or rescue organization. 

However, these tips on adopting a dog from a shelter before this stage can help make the process smoother. It involves research, choosing a facility, and meeting and assessing potential dogs. 


How to Celebrate Adopt a Shelter Dog Month if You Can’t Adopt

It’s hard to find any shortfalls of pet adoption. Adopt a Pet Month is the perfect opportunity to find a lifelong companion. However, if pet ownership isn’t in your future, there are ways you can still support this wonderful cause.

Support the Cause

Making a financial donation to a shelter near you during Adopt a Pet Month is another way to show your support. Non-monetary donations are also a great way to contribute. Shelters always need supplies, food, and toys.

Many companies donate proceeds from the sale of items, as well. Purchasing these items allows you to support the cause. At Cloud Haven, our beautifully crafted bracelets have allowed us to donate over $120,000 to rescue organizations. These funds help with the medical and rehabilitation expenses needed for the animals. 

Spread the Word

Are you already a proud owner of an adopted dog? Why not share your story via social media during Adopt a Shelter Dog Month? Your happy ending could inspire someone longing for a similar experience. 

Not a dog owner? You don't have to be one to raise awareness about the benefits of dog ownership and pet adoption. Posting photos of the cute faces waiting to be adopted will melt any heart. 


Shop Jewelry for a Cause from Cloud Haven.

Adopting a dog can save its life. It can save yours too. Owning a dog has many health benefits, and adoption allows you to help an animal in need. This year, why not make it official during Adopt a Shelter Dog Month? 

If taking home a shelter pet isn’t an option, you can also support shelters and rescue organizations in other ways. 

Cloud Haven creates jewelry for a cause. Proceeds from purchases assist these organizations in caring for shelter animals. Why not let your bracelet be the catalyst that helps spread the word to others?