What Can I Do to Help?

More than you think…

#1 Adopt a Pet

When you adopt, you actually save two animals. The one you take home, and the one you open space for in the shelter. Adopting animals and giving them a forever home is life changing and life saving for those animals. You can adopt from both rescues and shelters. Adopting from a rescue often provides the most optimal fit as the animals have been thoroughly assessed and rehabilitated; their adoption will then open space for the rescue to take in and rehabilitate another animal from a shelter saving them from risk of euthanasia. Rescue’s can’t take in more dogs when the ones they have aren’t getting adopted.

This one requires more commitment but is essential in helping the animals find their forever homes and allowing rescues to “rescue” as many animals as possible. Fostering also has many benefits! It eases the burden on overcrowded shelters, helps to socialize the animals, exposes them to potential adopters, and greatly reduces their overall stress. Contact your local rescues and fostering organizations to start the fostering process!

#2 Foster an Animal
#3 Support Spay & Neuter Programs

Be responsible for fixing your own animal. Spaying and neutering provides a variety of benefits, especially to shelter animals, and creates a significant reduction in the number of animals who are taken to shelter facilities and subsequently euthanized because shelters do not have enough room. The cost of spaying or neutering is less than that of taking care of a whole litter. It can improve behavior and be a healthier option for the animal and combats diseases such as testicular cancer.

Shelters suffer from a severe lack of workers and volunteers. Something as simple as volunteering to walk the shelter dogs for a day, or help advertise them for adoption is a huge help for all involved, and could be the difference in saving their life. Many euthanized animals in shelters never had a chance because no one advocated for them at all. No videos, no cute pictures, no deadline approaching, no nothing. They literally waited with hope for nothing.

#4 Volunteer at Your Local Shelter
#5 Donate Supplies

Every shelter could always use any donations that you are able to give…not just money. Items such as food, litter, crates, blankets, toys, cleaning supplies, towels, collars, leashes, potty pads, and bowls are extremely helpful to ensure proper care of the animals.

This can be as simple as encouraging your friends and family to adopt and not shop. You can also raise awareness by using social media to help advertise your local shelters, fundraisers, and upcoming adoption events. Follow rescue and shelter accounts on social media platforms, like and share the content about dogs that need urgent help to help get them seen and increase their chances at rescue or adoption.

#6 Raise Awareness
#7 Dundraise

There are endless ways to help raise money and supplies for animals in need. The next time you have a party, ask everyone to bring a bag of dog or cat food for entry. Have a bake sale with dog-friendly treats to help raise funds. Volunteer to help with existing fundraisers for adoption organizations. Get creative…the animals need you.

Only adopt what you can take care of. Many animals end up in shelters because they become too much or too many for their owners to take care of. Many animals are surrendered because they were a gift the recipient did not want and was not able to care for.

#8 Don't Gift Animals
#9 Pledge for Animals

If you see an animal at risk in a shelter you can make a monetary pledge to a rescue organization for that animal. It increases the chance the animal will be placed into rescue because they have funds to help.

Support brands, people, and organizations that are actively working to save animals.

#10 Share on Social