Stand Up for Pits Foundation: Protecting and Championing Pit Bulls as Great Pets

Pitbull and pitbull mixes have been one of America’s best friends for decades. As recently as 50 years ago, pits could be found on every street and in countless marketing campaigns. Yet today, many still demonize this breed as “aggressive” and “scary.”


At Cloud Haven, we believe no dog is inherently bad, and pit bulls are no exception. That’s why we think every animal lover must stand up for pitbulls. We are a proud official sponsor of Stand Up for Pits Foundation, and we have donated over $180,000 and counting to rescue organizations since 2021.


As part of our campaign to help abused and abandoned animals, we support a range of nonprofits across the country dedicated to helping our four-legged friends. So, keep reading to learn more about today’s feature, the Stand Up for Pits Foundation.

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What is the Stand Up for Pits Foundation?

The Stand Up for Pits Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to saving the lives of this breed and ending the cycle of pit bull abuse and stereotypes nationwide. Every donation goes toward saving and improving the lives of pit bulls everywhere including frontline support, spay and neuter efforts through their Spay and Neuter Angel Day, and support  for those victimized by dog fighting 


But why is supporting pit bull rescue so important?


Sadly, due to backyard breeders, dog fighting rings, and other abusive practices, pit bulls have gained an unfortunate reputation for being inherently aggressive, but this isn’t the case. No dog is born evil. Humans are the problem.


The Stand Up for Pitbulls Foundation wants to end the abuse and stereotypes of these beautiful animals and restore their reputations as lovable family pets. Through live comedy events, donation drives, and individual contributions, this charity supports pitbull rescue and aims to reduce the more than one million euthanizations throughout shelters annually.


It’s a cause we also believe in, so how can you help this pitbull foundation?


How to Support the Stand Up for Pitbulls Foundation

If you’re ready to stand up for pits, you’ve got countless ways to support them. Let’s run through some of the ways to aid the cause.


Donate to the Pitbull Stand Up for Pits Foundation

The easiest way to support the cause is to donate what you can. This pitbull rescue foundation is always grateful to receive donations from pit owners, dog fanatics, and compassionate animal lovers everywhere. As a recognized 501c3 nonprofit, all your contributions are tax-deductible, so donate for pit bulls today.


Attend an Event

Stand Up for Pits is also a national touring comedy show, raising tens of thousands of dollars to save abused pits and find loving forever homes for these dogs. It’s also a chance to educate the public on these beautiful animals.


These events take place nationwide and feature a range of five-star performers. Some celebrities who have performed in the past include Adam Sandler, Rosie O’Donnell, Bill Burr, and some of the country’s leading local comedians.


Become a Sponsor

If you operate a small business or side hustle, why not become a sponsor for the foundation? The charity offers a range of sponsorship options for every budget, allowing your brand to be associated with a non-profit doing incredible work.


Buy from Businesses that Support the Cause

One of the best ways the individual can help these pitbull angels is to buy from businesses that advocate, promote, and participate in rescue efforts for these loyal pets.


At Cloud Haven, every purchase — no matter how small — helps make a difference in a shelter pet’s life. We dedicate a portion of our profits to overwhelmed American shelters to support them in rescuing pets and freeing up space by helping more dogs find their forever homes.


Businesses like ours don’t require you to do anything more than find a high-quality product you love and make a purchase.


Spread the Word

Of course, not everyone has an event in their area or a budget to become a sponsor. So, one of the best ways to support the Stand Up for Pits Foundation is to spread the word to your family and friends.


Talk to people in your life about the excellent work this foundation does to raise awareness of the plight of the pit bull. Encourage them to support businesses like Cloud Haven, attend events in their area, or talk to their families about the importance of supporting pit bulls.


Keeping this cause within the public eye is critical to saving more pit bulls and encouraging Americans to open their hearts to an animal that has infinite love to give.


Support Animal Non-Profits by Shopping at Cloud Haven

The Stand Up for Pits Foundation is just one of the many charities doing their best for these animals. But so many breeds need your help.


That is why we started Cloud Haven. By producing high-quality jewelry for a cause and building a business that raises money for America’s overwhelmed shelters, we help pets everywhere to find their forever homes, and recovdr from abuse and neglect.


Do your part to support abused, lost, and unwanted pets by accessorizing like a pro with Cloud Haven’s trendy beaded bracelets and necklaces today. That way, you can look and feel great about spreading awareness for pit bulls and rescue pets everywhere you go! For other ideas on ways you can help, please click here

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