Support Puppy Mill Awareness Day: Adopt, Don’t Shop

Dogs thrive when their biological, emotional, and social needs are met. Unfortunately, too many dogs are bred in puppy mills, often failing to provide the care and attention to fulfill their basic requirements. Instead, they endure physical and emotional distress that is heartbreaking for everyone involved. 

Puppy Mill Awareness Day recognizes the plight of these animals and promotes the adoption of shelter pets as an alternative. It’s celebrated annually on the third Saturday of September. Funds raised on this significant day also assist the fight to close puppy mills and help organizations that care for homeless dogs.

Your support on September 16 can make a difference. Fortunately, there are many ways you can help this worthy cause. 


What Is a Puppy Mill? 

A mill is usually associated with a manufacturing process that generates a large output. It’s saddening to imagine this term concerning any living thing, but it accurately depicts these environments. 

What is considered a puppy mill?  They’re establishments that use intensive, often inhumane methods to breed puppies for profit. These practices often deprive the dogs of daily exercise, medical care, socialization, and more. Extensive rehabilitation is usually required for these helpless animals to live peacefully in a home. 

Unfortunately, most of the puppies available at pet stores are products of these mills. Many have underlying health conditions and behavioral issues that aren’t evident until they’re in their new homes.


History of Puppy Mills

When did puppy mills start? The puppy mill story began in the post-World War II era. Created to fulfill the growing demand for purebred puppies, they became an alternative to crop farming in the Midwest.

What started as a few fledgling businesses became a thriving industry supplying puppies to pet stores nationwide. Profit seemingly superseded proper care, and the puppies often lacked medical attention and socialization. 

Thankfully, organizations such as The Humane Society started scrutinizing these breeding farms resulting in the Animal Welfare Act that was signed into law in 1966. The National Puppy Mill Project, which encompasses animal welfare organizations nationwide, continues to raise awareness about puppy mill facts, including their link to puppies sold at pet stores.


How to Honor Puppy Mill Awareness Day

It’s disheartening to know that so many puppy mills still exist. Finding ways to participate during Puppy Mill Awareness Day and other animal awareness days can help reduce this number. 

Support the Cause

Donating money can contribute to the care and rehabilitation of these animals. It can also fund education awareness programs. There are so many companies lending their support to this noble cause, including Cloud Haven. The proceeds from our bracelets help rehabilitate abused animals and those needing medical care. When you purchase one of our bracelets, you’ll help give these puppies a chance at a normal life.

Spread the Word

Educating others about the deplorable conditions at puppy mills can help reduce pet store purchases. You can spread the word by telling your family and friends and posting puppy mill info on social media. The horrible consequences of mill breeding are evident in photos of these innocent animals. Sharing them can encourage others to do more.

Adopt a Dog

Giving these puppies the love and care they need is a fantastic way to honor Puppy Mill Awareness Day. Adopting a dog from a shelter is a significant step toward eliminating the puppy mill industry. The more people that adopt and do not shop helps to decrease the demand for breeding establishments. 

Sponsor a Dog

If you’re not ready to adopt a dog, why not sponsor one? Sponsoring a dog ensures your donation contributes to the care and attention they need. You’ll receive regular, personalized updates on their progress. Although they’re not physically with you, you’ll always know how they’re doing. Your sponsorship could bring them closer to being adopted.

Contact Legislators

Exercising your right to vote is a decisive step to help shut down puppy mills. Get to know your local, state, and federal candidates and support those with animal-friendly policies. Once in office, advocate for their support of the closure of puppy mills. You can also become a lobbyist on Humane Lobby Days if any are in your area. That will involve meeting with lawmakers and other advocates.


Shop Jewelry for Good from Cloud Haven

It’s hard to believe there are still thousands of puppy mills active in the US. These inhumane breeding conditions deprive puppies of the quality of life they deserve. You can do your part to champion their cause on Puppy Mill Awareness Day. Speak to lawmakers, adopt a dog, spread the word on social media, or support companies that assist rescue organizations.

Cloud Haven’s jewelry for a cause ensures every bracelet we sell helps fund organizations working to rehabilitate puppies from these mills. Wearing one of our bracelets is more than a fashion statement. It is a declaration of support for these defenseless animals.