Must-Have 90s Jewelry Trends: Elevate Your Collection with These Stylish Pieces

The 1990s were a decade of unprecedented economic growth, technological advancements, and general prosperity. It encouraged and fostered unlimited creativity, evident in its iconic styles and innovation. Fashion and jewelry trends during this period were no exception.

90s fashion was dominated by grunge trends, with silky slip dresses and mother-of-pearl hairclips. Those styles carried a mood of cynicism, independence, and coolness.

Unsurprisingly, popular 90s jewelry trends such as chokers, layered necklaces, and charm bracelets are making a comeback. Have you included them in your jewelry collection yet? If not, read on for some additional must-have 90’s style jewelry that will enhance almost any outfit.


12 90s Jewelry Trends Making a Comeback

The shoulder pads, big hair, neon, and outlandish extravagance in the 80s cleared the way for the minimalist styles of the 90s. Baby tees, slip dresses, and bike shorts were among the casual styles that characterized the decade. This aesthetic dominated the fashion scene for years — embellished with renowned 1990s jewelry.

Here are a few of the more popular pieces that are making their way back into modern jewelry collections.

1. Beaded Necklaces

Creative expression was evident in many pieces of 90s women’s jewelry. Necklaces, in particular, were made with various materials with the liberal use of color. Beads became a symbolic part of 90s culture. 

Whether short or long, colorful or floral-shaped, beaded necklaces allow you to showcase your unique style. There are even more options to choose from today. 

Wear them individually or layered. Choose colors and shapes that reflect your mood or that highlight a cause you love. They're also a perfect present for a friend to show you care.

2. Delicate Anklets

Although less noticeable, anklets add an attractive touch to any outfit. They’re also highly versatile and, depending on your chosen style, can be appropriate for the beach or an evening gala. 

Beads are also a popular choice for this jewelry selection. However, you can also opt for a rope chain, braided or woven style. A classic chain anklet on its own or with charms can also add flair to your ensemble.

3. Charm-Inspired Bracelets

It isn’t surprising that charm bracelets have stood the test of time since they first appeared in 600 BC. They have since transformed into the charm-inspired bracelets available today. Charm bracelets can be linked, beaded, roped, or a solid bangle. 

Each charm of the bracelet is usually significant, regardless of the style. It represents something meaningful to the wearer — a cause, event, or symbol of luck or protection. It’s a beautiful gift with a special meaning for the recipient.  

4. Chain Belts

One of the favorite 90s jewelry trends, chain belts, is now donning today's runaways. It’s a trend that will undoubtedly be reinvented for decades to come. Chain belts provide a subtle enhancement to any outfit. Whether worn with jeans, a cocktail dress, or layered over a jacket, it is a flattering addition to any ensemble. 

5. Hoop Earrings

Any discussion of 90s earrings would not be complete without mentioning hoops. Bold,  thick rings were one of the many 90s jewelry trends. Today’s offerings are often smaller and occasionally with attached charms. 

Hoop styles include solid silver or gold, textured, diamond-covered, or chunky huggies. There are also a range of sizes and materials depending on your taste. Over the years, hoops have remained a timeless jewelry piece. They're still an essential addition to any collection. 

6. Chokers

The choker is the definitive statement 90s necklace. A subtle line of beads or pearls with a casual outfit would stand out. In contrast, a sparkling version could enhance an evening look. 

Spiky chokers can provide a hint of grunge for those drawn to edgier alternatives. Tattoo chokers became an alternative for fashion enthusiasts unprepared for the total commitment. 

A choker necklace in 90s style could be fabric or lace — with floral embellishments or matching studs. Classic chokers often incorporated a band of faux leather or ribbon with a charm. There are no rules when wearing them today, either. Simply choose one that suits your mood and outfit.

7. Arm Cuffs

The layered 90s bracelets fashion trend may have foreshadowed the arm cuff. This Cleopatra-inspired style ran the gamut from leather cuffs to climbing armbands. There were also intricately sculptured designs in gold and silver. 

Today’s cuffs are more modern. They include minimalist lines of metal to wide bands of silver and gold. These arm cuffs add a unique touch. They can complete a look, whether you're wearing a casual vest or an elegant sleeveless gown. 

8. Headbands and Hair Jewels

These embellishments are not considered traditional jewelry. However, the 90s popularized headbands and hair jewels. They added sparkle and shine to a usually unadorned area. 

They replaced understated hair accessories and made casual outfits stand out. A fashion twist involving headbands around the forehead created a more Bohemian vibe. 

There are also flashy options available today. You can choose styles with diamond clusters or wide bands with varying sizes of pearls. Or go with a more simple look. A single line of diamonds or pearls is also an understated yet classy choice for evening soirees. 

Hair jewels have also made a comeback. They provide subtle elegance when interwoven into updos or adorning sleek buns.

9. Chandelier Earrings

There was a contrast between the decade’s accessories and minimalistic clothing styles. Together, they achieved a balance that worked well and defined the 90s style. That was evident in the ‘no-holds-barred’ designs of 90s costume jewelry. 

Chandelier earrings reflected the opulence of the decade. They were huge, ornate, and perfect replicas of their namesake. They still make an impact today. They're a must-have to bring out the sparkles in a gown or uplift a more simple, unembellished dress.

10. Chunky Rings

Chandelier earrings were often complemented with flashy yet chic cocktail rings. Their more chunky counterparts were often worn singly or layered on almost every finger. This trend came to epitomize the 90’s grunge jewelry style. 

Chunky rings still make a statement today, whether you’re depicting a particular style or simply adorning a beautiful outfit. They come in designs like classic signets, mood rings, colorful resin, glass enamel, acrylic, and intricately patterned gold and silver rings.

11. Heart-Shaped Details

Inspired by the movie Titanic, hearts became a symbol of love and a trendy jewelry choice for the rest of the decade. Although it’s one of the 90s jewelry trends that never completely faded, it’s making a bold comeback. You can now wear this simple yet meaningful shape as a colorful bracelet charm.

12. Butterfly Gems

Butterflies are a symbol of transformation, rebirth, and freedom. Their popularity in the 90s isn’t surprising. These characteristics were the underlying tone of the decade. They’re also simply beautiful creatures that were even depicted on hair clips.

You can revive this trend with a butterfly necklace, bracelets, and earrings. Each is as varied as the distinct characteristics of these flying beauties. The jewelry can add a playful element to any outfit.


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The 1990s witnessed a vibrant and eclectic array of jewelry trends. The decade may be long gone, but some 90s jewelry trends remain. You can relive the past by wearing your favorite pieces. Or simply add these jewelry trends in 2023 to reflect your current mindset.

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