TikTok Jewelry Trends: 2023 Style Guide for Jewelry Lovers

TikTok has become the go-to source for information on all things beauty and fashion for many of today’s shoppers. That couldn’t be truer when it comes to jewelry. In fact, TikTok jewelry trends greatly influence real-world shopping trends. If an item is going viral on TikTok, expect to see it on people you pass in the streets in no time. If you liked all of the TikTok jewelry trends 2022 brought, you’ll love the 2023 ones.


TikTok Jewelry Trends in 2023 

Beaded Jewelry 

Beaded jewelry is all the rage right now and for good reason. Beads are affordable and, with so many different kinds like lettered beads, sparkly ones, glass ones, and plastic varieties, beaded jewelry is easy to customize. 

Flower Power 

Gen Z makes up the largest demographic of TikTok users, and right now, this group of fashionistas is all about a 90s throwback. Nothing represents the 90s aesthetic quite like floral jewelry, which is why daisies, sunflowers, and blossoms are all over TikTok jewelery this year.

Minimalist Jewelry 

Minimalist jewelry — like thin, single-strand gold necklaces or understated earrings — is highly versatile. You can stack several pieces together or keep it simple with just one item. Many TikTok jewellery brands are leaning into the minimalist trend with delicate designs that go with just about anything.

Kid-Friendly Jewelry 

Today, even little ones get their own bling. Giving children jewelry means giving them a way to express their personalities. Parents can also wear matching jewelry with their mini-mes. The TikTok channel #Kid Jewelry has more than 17 million views and represents one of the booming TikTok jewelry trends of the day.

How to Follow the TikTok Necklace Trend

The TikTok necklace trend all started when stars such as Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa were spotted wearing a triple-strand pearl necklace with a Swarovski crystal-encrusted orb logo. Designer Vivienne Westwood is behind the popular piece. The necklace first came out in the 90s (there’s that Gen Z love for a throwback again), but didn’t blow up until TikTok clips of stars donning the accessory went viral.

If you want to hop on the TikTok necklace trend without purchasing the Westwood original, you can easily make your own. Simply stack three strands of faux or real pearls and add a rhinestone pendant or charm at the center.


Popular TikTok Jewelry Brands

With so many jewelry brands offering stunning pieces and inspiring designs, consumers need a way to narrow down their search. One way they do this is by checking out brands with large TikTok followings. That high follow count is a form of social proof — it says to potential customers that thousands (if not millions) of other shoppers have given the company a thumbs up. Here are some TikTok jewelry stores that have leveraged the social media platform to grow their customer base.

Van Cleef & Arpels

176.1K followers. 1.7M likes.

Van Cleef & Arpels is known for its whimsical, colorful pieces — particularly its Alhambra (four-leaf clover) charm that the brand puts on a variety of its designs. Their profile saw an influx of followers when one TikTok user, @JKimDee, made a video showing off one of their pieces.

Bijoux De Mimi

69.8K followers. 4.4M likes.

Search “Tik Tok earrings,” and you’ll come across the beloved studded hoops from Bijoux De Mimi. They’re also known for statement pendants on long, dangling chains. Celebrities, including Tilly Clark and Chloe Burrows, have been spotted donning accessories from the unique brand.

Kendra Scott

313K followers. 8.7M likes.

After University of Alabama sorority sisters were seen in videos wearing vibrant pieces from Kendra Scott, their TikTok jewelry store saw a huge surge in sales. Kendra Scott’s signature designs range from multi-strand delicate necklaces to chunky bracelets. 


How to Leverage TikTok Jewelry Trends

Earning a customer while they’re young can mean earning one for life. That’s why so many brands are looking to gain attention on TikTok, a platform where nearly 40 percent of users are Gen Z. Becoming one of the “it” TikTok jewelry brands can mean a major boost in revenue. In addition to running TikTok jewelry ads, here are ways jewelry brands can grow their fan base and connect with their target shopper.

Gifts to Influencers 

The beauty of having a social media influencer promote one of your products is that you can see how many people view their content and even learn key data about their followers, like gender, age, and geographic location. 

Find a TikTok influencer with a follower base that aligns with your target customer. Offer to send them a gift in exchange for wearing the piece in a video. It’s a low-cost way to get your designs in front of thousands of potential customers.

Tap Into Star Power

If there’s one thing that jewelry brands can learn from the Vivienne Westwood TikTok necklace trend, it’s the power of celebrity endorsement. Shoppers want to wear the items that they see on their favorite stars. Brands can take the concept of influencer collaborations to the next level by sending gifts to celebrities to wear in their TikTok content.

Analyze TikTok Trends 

One of the best things a jewelry brand can do to keep content fresh and relevant on TikTok is to analyze TikTok trends. Pay attention to trending hashtags, voiceovers, songs, and more. If there is a challenge (like the ice bucket one) that other brands are participating in, hop on the trend. Joining in on a trend when it’s hot can be an opportunity to see a surge in followers.

Provide an Unboxme Format 

The Unboxme format involves an influencer filming themselves opening a new purchase (or a gift) for the very first time. They discuss how the item looks and feels, how it compares to what they saw online, how easy it is to use, and other pertinent information. Videos like Unboxme are part of why shoppers use TikTok to make purchasing decisions. They get the chance to hear what real people have to say about the products they’re shopping for.

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