Thriving Necklace
Thriving Necklace
Thriving Necklace

Thriving Necklace

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Description & Details

This bright and sweet yellow design features pops of beautiful blues and teals to give this necklace a unique look. It features small silver rings to give it a little more more shine and tie the piece together. The Thriving Necklace is at wonderful piece to add to your spring and summer collection.

This necklace is adorned with a variety of beautiful, real gemstones and glass beads. The handcrafted smiley face, ladybug, flower, bow, and candy heart add a sense of playfulness to the bubbly design. 

We are very dedicated to helping shelter animals across the United States which is why portions of every sale go towards a variety rescues and shelters. 

Size Guide: Extra Small 15”, Small 16”, Medium 17”, Large 18”, Extra Large 19”

Models are wearing size small.