Budding Necklace
Budding Necklace

Budding Necklace

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Description & Details

This beautiful green design was inspired by nature and has pops of beautiful browns and pinks that add depth to the necklace. The Budding Necklace is a charming piece and perfect for anyone looking for a subtle yet colorful necklace.

The addition of pearls, Swarovski crystals, real gemstones and glass beads work to elevate this design. The handcrafted palm tree, rabbit, teddy bear, frog, heart, butterfly, and ballet slippers add a sense of childlike wonder to the necklace.

We are committed to making a difference which is why portions of each sale go to helping animals in need. 

Size Guide: Extra Small 15”, Small 16”, Medium 17”, Large 18”, Extra Large 19”

Model is wearing size medium.