Cloud Necklace
Cloud Necklace

Cloud Necklace

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Description & Details

Are you looking for a unique and inspired piece of jewelry to add to your collection? Get this one-of-a-kind handmade Cloud Necklace designed with the liveliness of a farm in mind. This special piece features a variety of handcrafted animal beads including ladybugs, pigs, cows, sheep, horses, dogs, and ducks.

This necklace was made exquisitely with high-quality pearls, gemstones, and glass beads. The animal accents add a charming touch to the necklace, and are a reminder to love our farm animal friends. It also features an antique silver heart toggle clasp.

Satisfy your love for little things and saving animals. We are committed to making a difference that’s why a portion of every sale goes to an animal welfare caused that we’ve been supporting for years.

Size Guide: Extra Small 15”, Small 16”, Medium 17”, Large 18”, Extra Large 19”

Model is wearing size medium.