Gifted Bracelet
Gifted Bracelet

Gifted Bracelet

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Description & Details

If you are looking for a neutral design with a subtle pop of color, this bracelet may be the one for you! The light purple tones pair beautifully with the warm brown accents, all tied together with 14k gold.

The Gifted Bracelet is adorned with Swarovski crystal, real gemstones and glass beads. The 14k gold toggle is accented by 14k gold filled and plated beads throughout the bracelet. The handcrafted panda, koala, teddy bear, and pineapple add playfulness and beauty to the design. 

We are very dedicated to our cause of helping shelter animals! Part of every sale goes to help rescues across the United States. 

Size Guide: Small 6.5”, Medium 7”, Large 7.5”, Extra Large 8”

Model is wearing size small.